About Riskren  
Riskren is a specialised risk management organisation, focusing on biorisk management associated with potentially harmful biological agents and their products. Based in Singapore, Riskren operates worldwide, providing services in areas including laboratory biosafety and biosecurity, infection prevention and control in healthcare, and threat reduction from intentional misuse of biological agents.
  Riskren's Focus  
  Riskren's Services
  Riskren's Training Courses
  Risk Assessment
BSE/ TSE Prion Assessment
Management System Development
Development of Standards and Guidelines
Independent Auditing and Assessment
MOH Approved Facility Certifier
International/ Country Strategic Biorisk Planning
Training and Communications
Teaching You How to Think
  Laboratory Biorisk Assessment Course
Managing Infection Risk Training for Healthcare Institutions
CWA 15793-Related Training
Risk Assessment of Emergency Scenarios
Managing Risk in the TB Laboratory
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    Click here to know more about our service offerings
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