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Riskren was established to help organisations safely and securely conduct work when faced with threats from biological agents, by applying the principles and practices of risk management. Our main focus areas are biocontainment laboratories, healthcare and those seeking to reduce the threat from biological weapons, together with related areas including food and pharmaceuticals.

The name comes from combining the English word ’risk’ with the Mandarin word for people or human; ‘ren’ or 人. At Riskren we strive to be people who proactively and systematically address risk, but in doing so to also focus on trying to understand and manage human behaviour. Most importantly, however, 人reminds us that when risks are realised, they impact directly on the lives of real people. ‘Riskren’ also reflects the international nature of biorisk management and our commitment to work globally in our chosen sectors, seeking to spread knowledge and good practices in what are complex and challenging environments.

Agents/Programmes   Environments
  • TB
  • Poliovirus
  • Smallpox
  • Influenza
  • Foot and mouth disease (FMD)
  • Containment laboratories from BSL1 to 4
  • Animal containment laboratories ABSL2 to 4
  • Diagnostic and research facilities
  • Pharmaceutical vaccine production
  • Hospitals and out-patient clinics
We are also experienced in working with both highly resourced and sophisticated situations, as well as those in limited resource settings, together with working across a wide range of geographies, languages and cultures. We also strongly believe in the need to transfer capacity and capability to our clients and other stakeholders, whether they be at an international, national or local level.
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