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Our primary services relate to:

1. Development of strategies, standards and systems
At Riskren we firmly believe sustainable development of national capacity and capability is the only way to drive meaningful improvement. We have provided strategic advice and support to several national governments and international organisations on the development of regulations, standards and guidelines relating to biorisk management. This work has included introduction of good practices in setting up and operating national inspection and certification schemes.

We have also worked with individual organisations looking to translate such norms into practical and functional management systems, capable of meeting the requirements of international standards and other norms.

2. Proactive Risk Assessment
As organisations increasingly look to take control of risk and demonstrate that they are operating safely, cost effectively and responsibly, there is a growing need for practical, applied and proven methodologies to support them on their journey. As such, we understand and appreciate that the need to translate risk theory into practice is an essential element in building a truly effective risk management system. Amongst the techniques we apply and share with organisations through training and applied workshops are:

Bow-Tie analyses (‘Swiss cheese’)
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Structured what-if technique (SWIFT)
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Hazard and operability study (HAZOP)
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Quantitative risk assessments (QRA)
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Threat and vulnerability assessments
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Risk communication is another vital but often overlooked area of risk management. This is a critical issue at any time, but especially in the event of an emergency or crisis, where stakeholder perception becomes the reality. We therefore also offer services relating to risk communication for key managers, helping ensure an unfortunate emergency does not escalate into a preventable crisis.

3. Independent audit, inspection and certification
Our team has extensive experience in conducting audits, gap assessments, commissioning / validation services, and certification activities for a wide range of facilities and organizations around the world. In addition to working with our partners with the Managing Infection Risk (MIR) and Laboratory Biorisk Management standards, we also work closely with global certification organisations who offer services against the major quality, environmental and health & safety management system standards (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001).

A specialised area of our work is that Riskren is one of the Facility Certifiers approved by the Ministry of Health Singapore (MOH), with the necessary skills, experience and credibility to certify BSL3 containment facilities. We can also support organisations seeking to develop and implement other certification schemes, including those relating to alternative containment requirements and agent-specific situations.

4. Training Courses
Riskren provides an extensive range of training courses to support continuous professional development and the organisation’s ability to improve and change. Our courses include:

CWA 15793; Laboratory Biorisk Management
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Managing Infection Risk
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Proactive risk assessment for laboratories and healthcare
> facility risk
> task / procedural risk
> emergency preparedness
> risk communication
> biosecurity

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Bow-Tie methodology and associated software
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  Specialised and customised training, coaching and communications initiatives are also available on request.
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